Aaron W. Beverly

2019 World Champion of Public Speaking

Storyteller | Keynote Speaker | Trainer | World Traveler

In August 2019, Aaron Beverly emerged as the winner of the Toastmasters International Speech Contest, an annual public speaking competition that includes over 30,000 competitors worldwide. Performing the speech entitled “An Unbelievable Story,” Aaron provided a humorous take on the heavy subject of race and the importance of “acceptance despite difference.” That speech won him the prestigious title of World Champion of Public Speaking.

An accomplished speaker prior to the 2019 championship, Aaron also earned 2 nd place in the International Speech Contest in 2016. Giving a speech that has come to be known simply as the “57-Word Title Speech,” Aaron spoke about the power of using a few words in world that believes “more is better.” Beverly is also, a five-time speech contest semifinalist, and a Moth Story Slam winner.

Oddly enough, Aaron considers himself to be “one of the most introverted people you can meet.” Public speaking and storytelling were extroverted activities he never thought he’d pursue. However, with hard work, dedication and a team of invaluable supporters, Aaron has become proficient in both skills and has learned to balance his innate introversion with flashes of

Storytelling and public speaking have not only led Aaron to engage audiences at Fortune 100 companies such as Vanguard, J.P. Morgan Chase and Wells Fargo; notable Universities such as Temple, Drexel and the University of Pennsylvania; but they have also allowed Aaron to travel to countries around the world including: Taiwan, Malaysia, India, and the extremely foreign land known as Canada.

Aaron is living proof, that the art communication can have a profoundly positive effect on the advancement of your professional career and the fulfilment of your life.